Shanghai Core Trust Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was established with the approval of the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce in July 2010, with its office address located in Xuhui District, Shanghai.
The company focuses on professional services such as domestic and foreign company registration, accounting and taxation, intellectual property, industry qualifications (medical, food, film and television, road transportation, etc.), equity transfer, and offshore registration.
Our company adheres to a corporate culture of "integrity, professionalism, and efficiency", emphasizing professional ethics and employee training.
We have accumulated rich experience in enterprise management consulting business in our operations. Since its establishment, the company's business has been continuously developing and deeply trusted by customers.
Popular Service Projects

Business Services
Company Registration
conversion of a company
Company deregistration
Industry license application
Handling of import and export rights
Handling of difficult names

Fiscal Agent
act as agent and keep account
Difficult tax treatment
Export tax refund
Non trade foreign exchange payment
Finance Department
management of invoices
AR & AP Accountant
Cost accounting accounting
GL accountant
financial analysis

Tax Services
Tax registration services
Tax declaration services
Tax advisory services
Tax planning services
Financial and tax training
Capital Verification
Capital Verification Report
audit report
Engineering cost audit
Intellectual Property
Domestic and foreign trademark registration
Domestic and foreign copyright registration
Domestic and foreign patent registration
Technology Service
High and new technology enterprises
Technology Little Giant
Specialized, refined, and innovative
Technological innovation enterprises
Human Resource
Labor dispatch
Social Security and Provident Fund Salesperson
Employment permit application
Visa services
Talent settlement
Team building services

Cooperative Partner

Address : Room H, 11th Floor, Zhaofeng Global Building, No. 1800
Zhongshan West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Website : http://www.czk16888.com/


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